1. We providing quality and value for money products and service for our customers.

2. We provide contract pack for our customers. This include preparation of document for registration; follow up on submission and approval by Ministry of Health. Customers will have their own brands for their products. This apply to different products formats (i.e. liquid, capsule, teabag, powder, essence and pills).

3. We are doing distribution of our medicines products to all over Singapore medical hall.

4. This is some products format we can help our customers to pack into their own brands:

Capsules are a very popular dosage form for dietary supplements because they require minimal use of excipients, dissolve quickly, mask the taste of the active ingredients and are easy to swallow.

We develop and process liquid products from herbal extracts. We use high quality and all stainless steel tank to process our liquid products.

Pills are produced by combining herbal powdered substances with either water or honey as binding media. The resultant mixture is shaped into solid spheres, and dried for easy storage and handling. In general, pills are considered to be the most potent of the traditional prepared medicine formats.

We develop and process Essence products from herbal extracts. We preform hot fill and retort processes to attain the desired shelf life for our finished products.

We produce sealed sachets in different sizes to pack small, big pills and powder forms to aluminium foil.
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